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BETTY KLINGENBERG was appointed as the FISCAL OFFICER, September, 2012, with approximately 30 years in public service.

This position became an appointed position by a majority vote of the Village Council in 2012.

Betty’s custodial duties include the safekeeping of the funds and investment assets.  In addition, she is responsible for the proper recordkeeping of the revenue, expenditures, and investment interest, short-term and long-term budget of the revenue and expenditures, and the annual appropriating of funds.  In addition, she oversees that recording of minutes for the Planning and BZA meetings, as well as being responsible for the Village Council meeting minutes.

Additional responsibilities include the human resource side of the Village; orienting new employees, training sessions for safety, reviewing the medical insurance contracts and other contracts, payroll, employee benefits, She also works with the Mayor overseeing the various Village contracts.

The Village must have all changes in revenues formerly approved by the Summit County Budget Commission after the approval of the Village Council.  Betty reviews the budget about four (4) times a year when revenues make significant changes during the year.  All financial reports are public record and are available through the Fiscal Office..


Speaking of public records, any requests for public records (not police reports) are made through the Fiscal Office.  You may contact the Fiscal Officer via email or by telephone.


The Village, by vote of the electors, imposes a 2% income tax on the residents and businesses in Boston Heights.  As a resident working outside Boston Heights, where an income tax is withheld from the payroll, the income tax may be credited to you as a Boston Heights resident when filing your annual income tax return, if a previous agreement has been made with the municipality and R.I.T.A.  Please note that if the resident works in a Township, no income tax will be deducted from the salary; therefore, the resident is responsible for his entire R.I.T.A. tax when filing.

R.I.T.A. (Regional Income Tax Agency) provides income tax collection services to many municipalities and has been doing so for Boston Heights for many years.  If you should have questions about your income tax deductions, you may contact them at 800-860-7482 or

For any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact Betty at 330-650-4111 ext. 3 or by email at

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