Fairview Cemetery Board

The Fairview Cemetery, located next to the Village Hall in Boston Heights, started as a family cemetery in 1822 for the original settlers – the Wolcotts from Connecticut.  Besides the early settlers, many of the graves contain military veterans from the Revolutionary War to the present.  The cemetery is now owned and maintained by the Village of Boston Heights.

The Ladies Cemetery association was organized in July 1890, consisting mainly of relatives of the founders to improve the appearance of the Cemetery.  Many ”bees” were held to plant trees, haul stones, make ditches, and seed the property.

Funds were raised by holding socials and meeting monthly to make quilts.  Over the years, the ladies and their offspring would quilt weekly at the Village Town Hall.  These quilts would be raffled off at various social events to raise funds.  In 2008, the Ladies Cemetery Association disbanded, as there were no longer ladies available during the day to quilt.

In 2008, the Cemetery Trustees and their family members began to donate their time and equipment to help maintain and repair the cemetery grounds.  They planted trees, filled holes, cut down trees, using the monies left from the Ladies Cemetery Association and some from the Village funds.

Today, the Trustees continue to have monthly work sessions where they mulch, reset sunken and tiled gravestones, fill holes, repair broken gravestones, plant shrubbery, and much more.  This devotion has led to the Fairview Cemetery Association being formed for the purpose of continuing work and maintain the cemetery grounds.

In February 2009 one of the Village police officers was killed in a traffic accident on Route 8. The Association has chosen to have fundraising activities for the purpose of erecting a memorial for this officer.  For more information, please call the Village Hall at 330-650-4111.

Volunteers are primarily responsible for the upkeep of the Fairview Cemetery with support by the Service Department when needed. The Cemetery is supported by the Cemetery Trust Fund.


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