Mayor Bill Goncy

The Chief Executive Officer of the Village of Boston Heights is Mayor Bill Goncy, who has been Mayor since January 2008.  The Village is governed by the Ohio Revised Code [ORC] and additional legislation approved by Village Council.  The Mayor is charged with implementing those rules and regulations of the ORC and Ordinances and Resolutions passed by Village Council.

Mayor Goncy’s commitment has been to coordinate local, county, state, and federal funding plus private sector investments to promote various village infrastructure improvements.  Residents and businesses alike can bring questions to the Mayor, who in turn directs them to the   proper department or village employee to resolve when possible.

In recent years, much growth has occurred in Boston Heights.  After years of temporary repairs on the bridge over the Bike and Hike Trail on Akron-Cleveland Road, the new replacement tunnel for the trail is completed and a roadway replaces the bridge. Development on the old golf course property includes:  Arhaus Corporate Headquarters, a future Bass Pro Shop and Costco facilities that provide the ability of the village to proceed with waterline and roadway improvements throughout Boston Heights.

Weekly staff meetings allow department heads to review current projects with the Mayor and vice-versa.

Classified as a part time position, Mayor Goncy is usually in the office from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and he returns messages within one or two days.

Mayor Goncy may be reached at 330.650.4111, Ext. 5 or by email at:

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