Village Engineer

DAVID KROCK, PE. was appointed by the Village Council in 2011 with over 16 years of designing and managing engineering projects of all types. His experience included underground utilities, pavement, land development, surveying and construction.

After four years as the Village Engineer, Dave is known for his ability to respond and resolve issues quickly. He has been very responsive to the Mayor, Council, Fiscal Officer and the residents of Boston Heights achieving good and positive results.

One of Dave’s areas of expertise is acquiring Federal, State and local grants helping the Village of Boston Heights obtain much-needed improvements throughout the Village, such as the reconstruction of East Hines Hills with a grant from Ohio Public Works Commission Grant. The Storm Water Reconstruction was also a grant from the  Ohio Public Works Commission for Walters Road and Wooded View Estates.

Currently, he has engineered the Hines Hill Corridor reconstruction between Olde Eight Road and State Route 8, partially funded by the State. He has been instrumental in the North West Quadrant Water Program for the residents of that section of the Village. This sector has the most dangerous ground water pollutants in the county.

The property owner for the former golf course is providing water lines north to the Village northern border on Olde Route 8. The Village will take those water lines down the five (5) side streets connecting water to the homes.

There have been many more projects Dave has completed for the Village; and by following the ten-year plan, residents will see even more improvements in the Village over the next few years.


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